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Variable C02 Generators - SENTINEL VARI. CO2 GEN. NG 3000 (VCG-6)
  • Two models available, Propane (LP) and Natural Gas (NG)
  • Variable C02 output from 6-27 cu ft C02/hr
  • Solid-state electronic ignition control module eliminates the open pilot flame
  • Tip-switch shuts off the gas flow in the event of a fall
  • Unit comes complete with 10 brass burners pre-installed
  • Brass burners are designed to burn clean and produce consistent blue flames
  • Open "air-cooling" module available
  • Dual redundant low-voltage solenoid valves add a second layer of safety
  • Complete with 12 foot hose and pressure regulator

Gas burning C02 generators are the most cost effective way of producing C02. The FCG series of generators are the safest and most advanced C02 generators available today.

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
Catlog #: GD3968
Price: $519.787955
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Variable C02 Generators - SENTINEL VARI. CO2 GEN. NG 3000 (VCG-6)

Variable C02 Generators - SENTINEL VARI. CO2 GEN. NG 3000 (VCG-6)

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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