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Botanicare® Guardian MY™ Powder - GUARDIAN MY POWDER 1/4LB

Guardian MY™ is a unique, proprietary blend of Endo-Mychorrhizal fungi, that builds a natural microbial system in and around plant roots which greatly improves plant growth, vigor and production naturally. Mycorrhizae are beneficial soil fungi that colonize in and around the roots of plants. These colonies form a symbiotic relationship with the plants and increase the root mass by up to 1000 times, therefore, allowing the plant to uptake nutrients and water more efficiently. Mycorrihzae also benefits plants by releasing chemicals that aid in dissolving elements like iron that are harder for plants to absorb. Other benefits of mycorrhizal inoculation include improved soil structure due to the increased rhizobial activity, and increased disease and pathogen resistance which can be associated with the excretion of special antibiotics produced by Mycorrhizae.

UPC: 757900000875
Call to Order: 888-288-0550
Catlog #: GD6455
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Botanicare® Guardian MY™ Powder - GUARDIAN MY POWDER 1/4LB

Botanicare® Guardian MY™ Powder - GUARDIAN MY POWDER 1/4LB

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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