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Complete Fresca Sol™ Light System - FRESCA SOL LIGHT SYSTEM

This system consists of a double wall glass vessel with brackets, socket and 15 foot Sun System® lamp cord.

trong>Water-cooled VS Air-cooled?

Air-cooled lights work great with cool air, but become less efficient when outside air temperatures become warmer.

The Fresca Sol™ Water-Cooled Light Fixture keeps your room cool all year long and is more energy efficient to run. It takes a lot less energy to cool your lighting fixture with water than with air, therefore lowering your electric bills.

  • Water-cooling allows placement of lighting as close as 6” above plants instead of 18” to 24” with air-cooled systems­— resulting in 9 to 16 times more light for your plants!
  • Made with high-temperature borosilicate glass.
  • Easy access door with thumbscrews allows for easy lamp replacement.
  • Universal hanging bracket allows attachment of 2 optional reflectors.
  • Accommodates 250, 400, 600 or 1000 HPS lamps.250 or 400 MH lamps–tubular jacket only (no BT-37 or 56 lamps).
  • ATTENTION: Minimum 50-gallon reservoir needed per 1000-watt fixture. Smaller reservoir can be used if using a chiller or heat exchanger.
  • Requires active cooling with a water pump, not included.

UPC: 870883002220
Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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Complete Fresca Sol™ Light System - FRESCA SOL LIGHT SYSTEM

Complete Fresca Sol™ Light System - FRESCA SOL LIGHT SYSTEM

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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